Our Technology

Predictive modelling and simulation for Virtual Humans based on supercomputers in the Cloud.

Virtual Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems... and more to come
Cardiovascular System

The ELEM's Virtual Heart incorporates the three fundamental physics: electrical activity, mechanical deformation and fluid mechanics, coupling them tightly and bi-directionally.

Our models can include chambers and vasculature, which the code can simulate under different conditions of health, disease, and treatment.

Respiratory System

Our Virtual Respiratory System simulates high-definition fluid mechanics from face down to several bronchi levels.

Different respiratoty cycles can be analysed to assess the drug-delivery action of inhalers and nebulizers thanks to a very efficient particle transport scheme. Both particles and fluid are solved simultaneously to preserve the scheme's high accuracy.

Multiphysics Biomedical simulations

Our final vision is that of a completely interconnected network of organs and systems. Therefore we constantly struggle to extend code usage to include new biomedical problems in all their physics and scales.

A Virtual Human?
Patient avatars that replicate human cells, tissues or organs and their function.
Virtual Humans show how organs work when diseased and predict how good treatments will be at restoring vital functions.
They are surrogates in virtual patient trials, in clinician support, and in treatment innovation and development.
It is worth to mention that virtual animal models are also available.

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Simulate and explore

Discovery and hypothesis testing of new products on cardiac valves, pacemakers, catheters, stents and flow diverters, drugs...


Products and procedures

Design, manufacturing process, deployment procedure, therapies, co-morbidity, diagnosis, regulatory and certification process...


Virtual Populations

Virtual clinical trials for cardiac resynchronization, cardiac cardiotoxicity, pain-killer pumps, cardiac valve implants, flow rates and concentrations for inhalers, drug delivery and action...


Patient personalisation

Drug delivery (inhalers and nebulizers, pain-killer pump drugs, ellution,...), shapes (catheters, valves,...), deployment (pacemakers, cardiac valves, pumps,...), drugs dosage, etc.

Alya Red.
Predict and analyse.

Alya is the multi-scale / multi-physics parallel simulation code developed at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center since 2005.

Virtual Humans.
Shake up clinical trials.

High definition anatomical information is used to create your digital avatar or populations of them, where medical devices or drugs can be tested.

Supercomputing Cloud.
Expand the limits.

Developed in BSC's MareNostrum IV and deployed in a supercomputing cloud infrastructure, our solution is put directly in the hands of our customers.

Application examples
  • Patient-specific female, Male and Child high definition cardiac geometries

  • Fluid-electro-mechanical simulation of a leadless pacemaker

  • Synthetic coronary vascularisation

  • Patient variability on upper respiratory airways

  • Clinically-targeted data analysis and visualisation
  • Particle tracking and deposition on upper airways
  • Fluid-electro-mechanical simulation of resynchronization with a pacemaker
  • Cardiac electromechanical activity variabilities on female and mal
  • Particle tracking and deposition on lower airways
  • High definition fluid mechanics analysis for the respiratory system.
  • Modeling the effect of trabeculations on smoothed cardiac geometries
  • Coupled fluid-structure analysis of cerebral aneurisms rupture risk